Friday, December 4, 2009


I can finally say that I slept last night without anxiety and I am finally at peace with my decision to have WLS. (WLS weight loss surgery) I went to the pre-op class yesterday and although I think I "know everything", I am finding out that I have a hugh learning curve. I loved the class and I appreciated the kindness of the staff. I tend to make everything so BLACK and WHITE; a very dogmatic way of dealing with stuff. No, you can't eat that, No, you will NEVER have that. You MUST do it this way!!! Well, I am am learning that life is a little more kinder and I am beginning to relax in this journey back to a normal relationship with Food.

I am still being stubborn about the Diet Coke situation. I have been told that carbonated drinks are OUT, no excuses. I have to, no - I MUST stop drinking them. I realize that this is one of my last battles and it will certainly set me free in a some small way.

I realize that this is a BIG DEAL for me, leaving a lifetime of body armor, I feel the need to share my journey. As we go along, I am sure a long of garbage, trash, empty promises and white elephants will come out; and they need to come out. Thanks for reading.

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