Sunday, December 6, 2009

The COKE battle

It's Sunday night and I am sitting down to write a little. I like Sunday's, especially Sunday night. Our Church began to have "church" on Saturday nights and that leaves All day Sunday free, it was weird at first, but now it's so nice. It doesn't really matter when church is scheduled, after all, we are the REAL Church - it comes with me.

I am having some resistance, NO, I AM RESISTING the fact that I have to cut out Diet Coke, and Peanutbutter. Now, I think I could get past the peanutbutter, inasmuch as it tends to add to the cholesteral number. But the COKE???? It's been a life long affection and so many memories are connected to it.

I can remember my first recollection of coke; I think I was about 4 or 5 years old, in Leesburg, FL. My mom was drinking from a little 6oz bottle, it was frosty cold and she was smoking a cigarette and said how it helped cure her "sick headache". Some years passed and when I was in middle school, I had a summer of deciding between COKE or PEPSI. Most everyone was on the Pepsi kick, the bottles were bigger, but I stuck with the little green glass cokes. Of course, back then, there was no diet coke, cherry coke, or any other unique flavors. If you wanted a flavored coke, then you added it.

Do you remember TAB?? it's about the worse tasting stuff, and i actually learned how to drink the nasty stuff in the pink can. I even willingly purchased it and took it to work with me. I had to change because my favorite coke was loaded with sugar.

So, fast forward to now, Diet Coke is my drink of choice and I probably drink about 24-30oz per day. I also learned to like Bottled Water somewhere along the line and I feel so "OC" while drinking water. I feel "grown-up" while drinking coke (remembering my mom and her cigarette) I never took up smoking, it makes me gag; but the coke drinking sorta put me in the same league as mom.

So, here we are, 9 days until surgery and have to put the coke and all carbonated drinks behind me. I have to find my resolve and lay it down.

I am in the middle of the pre-op liquid diet and it's not fun at all. It's boring and it's nasty and it has a "taste". OK, so I am getting grumpy, just wait until I havn't had caffeine and see how charming I can be.

Thanks for reading, I am learning alot about me from this. k

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